The American eCommerce Club Certifications

The American eCommerce Club (AECC) certifications are substantial credentials for students as well as professionals who are new to the e-marketing and e-Commerce profession. The AECC certifications can be of benefit in employment applications, resumes, bios, and college admission applications

Certifications Offered

  • • CBS ™ Certified B2B Specialist
  • • CES ™ Certified e-Marketing Specialist
  • • CAMS ™ Certified Affiliate Marketing Specialist
  • • CIES ™ Certified Import & Export Specialist

Benefits of Getting Certified from American eCommerce Club

  • • Take your resume to the next level with your new Computer Certification in ebusiness, B2B or eMarketing.
  • • To gain equal status for a job interview or to attain promotion.
  • • For prestige; for example, to gain acceptance or a title such as Certified with our Institute
  • • Complete Registration & Certification, and American eCommerce Certificate for your office. Right to Use Credentials on Resume and Business Cards while in good standing.
  • • Improve your education and resume so you can get that job you want or protect the job you have
  • • Global Online Continuing Education - Computer Training Center offering E-Com, Tech and Business Courses
  • • "American eCommerce Club" offered Newsletters and E-Zines and Discounts with Partners
  • • American eCommerce Club (AECC) ™ Approved - Conferences, Seminars, and Networking Events
  • • To gain recognition for knowledge and experience obtained in your profession
  • • Increased self esteem and respect from others.