Now The Arab people can sell and Buy

Now The Arab people can sell and Buy
Learn From 15 Ebay PowerSellers How They Raked In Over $11,726,200 Last Year Alone And How You do it through Our Step By Step Course
By : Khaled M. Khaled
Content of the Program:
  • How to choose which products to sell
  • How to source them
  • How to get your customers to buy from you again and again
  • How to set up your own website
  • How to set up an autoresponder to follow up with your customers
  • How to organize your store so that you niche properly (many of the course creators have excellent examples, e.g. pricebreakerno1, who sells costumes)
  • How to automate your eBay business using the various software tools
  • How to deal with eBay's new feedback rules and fees
  • How to make incredible money selling ebooks on eBay and so much more!
  • How to open a business account on eBay.
  • How to determine what you should be selling, and what sells fast!
  • How to prepare for your first auction sale.
  • How to write a winning item listing that will grab the attention of thousands of eBay buyers.
  • How to set up your business the right way
  • How to write the most effective ads
  • How to pull in customers
  • How to maximize your time, effort, and money

Some Facts About eBay That You May Not Know

1. Shoppers on eBay purchase over $121,000,000 worth of products every single day.

That's 121 million dollars worth of products sold each and every day! There are also over 2,000,000 shoppers on eBay every single day. This gigantic marketplace is allowing thousands of people to make a full time income from home.

2. eBay allows anyone to start an INSTANT HOME BUSINESS!

You can list an item for sell on eBay RIGHT NOW and start receiving bids in SECONDS.

3. You can reach this massive market inexpensively, from the comfort of your home.

Most business opportunities require a large cash investment before your first customer walks through the door. Then you have to spend a fortune in advertising to attract customers. But with eBay, you can list an item for sale in minutes and have buyers from all over the world come to you! eBay has more customers than any other website on the planet! Customers that are anxiously waiting to bid on YOUR items!

The course contains:

  • 1- Learn how to drive buyers to your listings and what makes them click through. This lesson will give you critical background knowledge on eBay and help you get inside the mind of your buyers!
  • 2- Decide what to sell on eBay: Get the Sky High Auctions system for developing a product line and some great tips for uncovering hidden niche markets.
  • 3- Learn what not to sell on eBay and where many new sellers go wrong in Sky High Auction's interview with me. I've been selling on eBay since 2004 and I share my route to success.
  • 4- Importing: Importing is one of the cheapest ways to source inventory but it can also be very risky. We give you our tried-and-tested tips for successful importing, plus you'll get the heads-up on common traps for new businesses.
  • 5- What creates a successful eBay business? You won't get very far if you don't get the essentials right. Learn about tax, the equipment you'll need, backups & security, and the importance of good record-keeping.

What EXACTLY is in this course? Using NLP in ebay

  • - Discover how to take advantage of a little known psychological fact to do with people's desire that you can put to use in order to ram up your bid's on your auctions.
  • - Did you know that eBay has created dozens of tools for you to use in order to maximize your profits? A lot of you might realize this, but are you using them? I show you with step by step video lessons how to use these tools and so you can get to earning a full time living on eBay as soon as possible.
  • - Beginners - Learn the 6 simple steps to how eBay auctions work.
  • - Learning by doing - What you absolutely must know! We share everything that you need to know before selling your items on ebay so that you DON'T GET BURNT, and also include detailed information about where to source your products from.
  • - Find out all the nitty gritty details of listing your first item, from how much ebay costs, to seller's fees, to the exceptionally important details of which options you should select when listing your items (some options have LOW return on investment, some are incredibly valuable - you need to maximize your chances of success!)
  • - Incredible titles and descriptions - Ever been stuck wondering how to go about wording your items listing? Wonder if different wording makes a difference? The answer is YES it DOES make a HUGE difference. Great headlines = more visitors to your auctions.
  • - Great descriptions = more bids. More bids = more money. Learn the secrets to incredible eBay titles and descriptions here.
  • - We've conducted statistical research to uncover how long you should be running your auctions for, and when the premium time is to end your auctions. Tests have shown this can increase the amount that you receive for an item by 200% or more!
  • - How much is your item actually worth? I show you step-by-step how to find this out, often the research is well worth it! (Tip: Sometimes when you list an item for well below what it is worth, it gets less bids than when you list it higher)
  • - 6 tips that you MUST apply when writing your listing titles. It's the first thing people see and is the difference between whether they take a second look at your item, or skim on by. You'll want to pay close attention to these details!
  • - How to go about getting the HIGHEST possible price for your item. It's all about strategy. By using the methods and tools we teach, you can maintain control over the perceived value of your item, rather than leaving it in the fickle hands of bidders!
  • - The terrible truth about reserve auctions, and how to make them work for you, rather than against you.
  • - 7 essential strategies for success with Buy It Now auctions. Follow these strategies to maximize your probabilities of achieving high bid prices.
  • - Frustrated by having a LOT of people on your watch list, but not enough bidders? Discover the 5 reasons why the watchlist IS a fantastic tool and how to use it to YOUR advantage.
  • - Crucial pricing game plan tips. Pricing can be the difference between losing money and receiving a 100% return on investment or more. No it's not about listing the most accurate price for your product, we show you what it IS all about inside...
  • - The 11 essentials of how to create a description that maximizes bid potential. It's not all about what you're selling, it's how you go about the wording that makes a huge difference as to your bid prices! Learn the secrets here...
  • - Lots of sellers on eBay use different fonts, caps, bold and underline in their titles...whether they actually work is another question.
  • - Find out what DOES work and what DOESN'T in the world of fonts, punctuation and lettering - don't be left wondering!
  • - Stuck trying to decide WHAT to sell on your online auction? Too much competition? Is there enough demand? How can you source the items for a good price? Find out all those answers and more in our detailed section on what to sell!
  • - Find out about the importance of Seller Etiquette and how it greatly affects your online auction business. This includes the details about how to handle refund requests, shipping insurance, how to respond to feedback and more!
  • - Frills and Fripperies: eBay's Listing Options. Want to stand out from the crowd? Learn all about eBay's listing extras.
  • - We'll be looking at the pros and cons of all the listing options: so you'll be able to choose the best option for your item!
  • - WRITING TO SELL. Good advertising involves more than a nice picture. Just because 'a picture is worth a thousand words' doesn't mean you should let it do all the talking. I'm going to share with you some copywriting secrets that most marketers would kill for!
  • - Photos are very important. I am going to take you through the process of creating a superb series of pictures to show off your item to its best advantage.
  • - We all love getting paid...but sometimes it's not that simple. Choosing which payment methods you accept effects how likely you are to get cheated, whether or not someone wants to bid on your item, and how much money you have to pay for the transaction.
  • - We'll take a close look at all the main payment options available, and show you which ones have the most advantages.
  • - Bidder doesn't pay? Sometimes there just isn't a lot you can do to prevent a non-paying bidder. But to minimize the risk I've got a few techniques that work extremely well for me!
  • - Shipping is much more important than you probably realize. In fact, shipping delays, or other problems caused by shipping, are the most common cause of negative feedback on eBay. Also, most sellers pay more than they need to for shipping. Find out about all the various postal services and how to list your shipping on eBay so that you minimize your chances of negative feedback.
  • - As your online auction business grows, there's one thing you'll be doing a lot of: packing. It takes up more time than you think! Discover everything that you need to know about packaging types, sources, and materials so that you make the whole customer experience so pleasurable that they are itching to buy something else off you. Plus, step-by-step packaging instructions for fragile and large items!

And that's NOT all...The BEST ebay Drop Shippers

  • 1- Find out what you need to know about online auction sites around the world. If you are currently selling via Ebay USA or another single online auction site, did you know that there are MANY other nation specific online auction sites that may be better for you? Ebay UK, Trademe in New Zealand, Yahoo Auctions in Japan, just to name a few. Find out all about online auction sites around the world to maximize your exposure and profit!
  • 2- Turbo Lister - we show you on video how to maximize your use of eBay's Free Turbo Lister tool, to help you create professional listings and upload thousands of items in bulk.
  • 3- Selling Manager - learn how to use this cool tool for medium-volume sellers to help manage and track your listings on eBay.
  • 4- Tradeshows: information very difficult to find elsewhere. Makes it easy to understand how to find tradeshows, how to wrangle an entry ticket, a checklist of what you need to bring when you go... and what time to go to get the best deals!
  • 5- Customs Secrets: how to reduce your importing duty to almost $0. What products attract most attention and duties at Customs, country specific advice for customs.
  • 6- Secrets to Ink Frog: Detailed step-by-step video showing you how to use Ink Frog listing software to scale up your business to the next level!
  • 7- Everything that you need to know about eBay's new fees and feedback rules. What they mean to you, and how to use them to YOUR ADVANTAGE. You won't want to miss this cutting edge video.
  • 8- The cheapest way to ship internationally revealed
  • 9- How to get preferred shipping rates and get your items to be shipped picked up from your house!
  • 10- Tax deductions for eBay sellers
  • 11- Sales tax explained: how you get a resale certificate, when you need to collect sales tax and how to collect it automatically using eBay's special tool.
  • 12- The 8 secrets to get powerseller status as quickly as possible.